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Abelift Hire is a locally owned and operated company established in 2002 to supply custom-built fully equipped weld trailers to service the onsite repair of mining equipment. This has been extended from a range of weld trailers to now include diesel welders and associated welding equipment for delivery to any worksite in the Mackay area and the Bowen Basin. 


All our equipment is carefully maintained to ensure your next shutdown, maintenance or even that odd job in a remote location has the right equipment at the right time and place. 

Owner/Manager Brian Studt commenced work as a local tradesman and has since had a long-term involvement in the mining and construction industries in the Bowen Basin mining areas as well as working in large maintenance workshops in Mackay. Having worked on Dragline construction in hinterland mines and workshop fabrication of ship loaders and stacker reclaimers, he has a broad knowledge and understanding of the need of contracting companies and tradesmen undertaking large on-site maintenance projects as well as short-term shutdown days.




Abelift Hire is perfectly positioned to supply your welding requirements for any situation from a local workshop to a remote work site. We have been supplying welders and welding service trailers to major mining maintenance companies for well over 10 years.

Our equipment list includes seven mines-compliant welding trailers, static air pack diesel welders, LN 25 wire feeders, heavy duty welding leads and air hoses to top up the equipment inventory for your next mine site project.



Our weld service trailers have been designed to be towed with ease by four wheel drive vehicles or larger service trucks with the electric trailer brakes able to be controlled either by a trailer mounted brake controller or in cab controller.


Trailers have load-sharing suspension with standard hitch connections complying with safety standards of both Government transport departments and mining company requirements.



These are well-balanced welding trailer units built light enough to tow easily but tough enough to handle the conditions encountered on mine sites.  Designed to be able to carry out all manner of site work, they are fitted out with Air pack diesel welders, wire feeders and all accessories for welding, arc air gouging and oxy acetylene cutting. We can supply welding accessories tailored to suit your needs for your particular work project, gas cylinders can also be supplied on request.

All trailers have ample lockable toolboxes for storage of welding equipment and consumables. There are retractable hose reels for compressed air, oxy acetylene, and Argo shield welding gas and storage compartments for “g” size gas cylinders of Oxygen, acetylene and Argo shield as well as a 40kg LPG cylinder.

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All of Abelift Hire's equipment meets BMA mine sites' requirements and all carry their current compliance papers. We also have units passed out for other major mining companies including Glencore at Hail Creek, Newlands and Collinsville as well as Peabody Energy at Coppabella Mine.

In the Blackwater area we have welding service units with in-date compliance at Curragh Mine and Yarrabee Mines.



All of the welders, trailers and welding equipment are regularly maintained to a schedule in excess of the manufacturers specifications to ensure reliability at your worksite.


We have an established Electrical Inspections and Compliance protocol with a major local electrical company and have arrangements for mechanical inspections to attain the compliance required for entry to any of the hinterland mine sites.

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Trailers comply with safety standards of both Government transport departments and mining company requirements.

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We pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of customer service, ensuring the equipment you need is in the right place at the right time for the right cost, to ensure your next maintenance job is a success.

Delivery to and pickup from your workshop facility can be arranged if required.

We are available to answer your questions anytime via email or mobile.





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